I will help you:

➔ Lose weight permanently
➔ Regain vibrant energy

➔ Enjoy balanced, happy hormones
➔ Finally feel confident to wear the clothes you love


Hi there…

I’m Hayley and I’m a Nutritionist & Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach. I have spent more than a decade helping women (and some men too!) with their struggles with changing bodies, whacky hormones, stress and emotional wellbeing.  And I’m passionate about guiding women just like you to look and feel great in your own skin and love your life.

I want you to know …..

…it’s way easier than you think!

No more depriving yourself with boring diets – it’s time to reset your metabolism, transform your body and and start living the life you want! I work with you closely over 12 weeks, educating you on the right foods, portion sizes and healthy lifestyle hacks for YOU… you will be truly transformed.


love, Hayley 

But how can you achieve that slimmer, healthier, stronger body when you've already tried EVERYTHING?!

It’s actually a lot easier than you think!

By simply following the right strategy and the step-by-step guidance that I provide along the way, you WILL see results.

This 12 Week Program is unlike anything you’ve tried before…

Unique to Your Biochemistry 

We start with a full initial consultation, looking at your health history, medications, body measurements and I arrange for a comprehensive blood analysis at a lab in your area. Your personalised nutrition plan from Metabolic Balance® is then created.

Naturally Curb Cravings

Metabolic Balance® works to balance blood sugar so that you no longer experience cravings, instead enjoying sustained energy throughout your day. We also coach you to finally be free from cravings & emotional eating.

Transformational Coaching & Support

This program comes with full support & accountability – which you will soon realise is the secret sauce you need for success. We have a community of like-minded people who are on this journey alongside you. 

Quick Results

You’ll feel more energetic and have rapid weight loss, a faster metabolism, enjoy balanced moods & happy hormones – the easy way! 

100% Natural Whole Foods

Use regular food as your ultimate medicine. No meal replacement shakes or supplements. Simply a personalised nutrition plan with the most optimal foods for you that will help balance you, naturally.


A Clear Plan to Follow

Knowing exactly what foods to eat for your body, how much to eat and when to eat means you can relax and allow your body to release weight. No more guess work or nutrition confusion! Farewell frustration!


Introducing Metabolic Balance® with Hayley Stathis


Metabolic Balance® is a personalised nutrition plan based on your unique body chemistry. It was developed by European medical physicians and nutrition scientists, and has over 20 years of research and success stories.

Metabolic Balance works to reset your body so that fat is burned, hormones balance and your overall health improves. It is a longterm lifestyle change, not a diet. You can learn more about Metabolic Balance® HERE


Metabolic Balance® helps create healthy habits through sensible eating patterns and is focused on clean nutrient rich wholefoods  (no diet foods or shakes).  The program works at a fundamental level to help rebalance your biochemistry.



Increases fat burning: switches on fat burning, we track this through your bio impedance measurements.  You literally burn fat while you sleep.

Reduces hunger and cravings: rebalances the hormones that control how hungry or how full you feel.

Reduces inflammation: many people find that inflammatory conditions such as joint pain and skin problems subside.

Improves blood cholesterol : significant improvements in triglyceride and cholesterol levels have been recorded for people following this program

Improves glucose levels: research has showed reduced risk of metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetic state)

Imagine a world where you...

  • could stop ‘dieting’ and worrying so much about food
  • knew the foods that made you feel best
  • have an abundance of energy
  • feel empowered and completely comfortable in your own skin!
  • are worry free
  • can wear anything in your wardrobe and feel fabulous in it!

It's time you discovered the real reason you've lost your sparkle!

and start living the life you want... Book a Free Discovery Call

What People Are Saying

When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid I knew I needed an expert to help with weight and energy. 

I now have more energy and have released more than 10kg while never feeling hungry.
Hayley is very caring and understanding and with you every step of the way to help ensure you reach your goals.”
Heather P

Underactive Thyroid and Thriving!

“I was surprised at how easily I shed 10kgs in 2 months, even while still having “treat weekends” after the initial stage! Metabolic Balance® is extremely doable – it is sensible eating without being extreme and you are eating normal wholesome food!!”

Melissa Meagher

Talking Money

“What I loved most was how individual the plan is – it is based on my unique biochemistry, it isn’t another fitness challenge through a gym or an ebook. I also love the continued support and I feel like the regular check-ins really kept me on track.

I was surprised how easy the weight came off… I have never had a fast metabolism and I have never experienced weight loss like it!”
Ellee Wynne

Student Naturopath

WARNING: Don't go thinking this is just another diet!

Regular diets don’t work because:

➔ They don't consider your age or your unique body
➔ There's no consideration for your health history, eating preferences, or personal nutritional needs
➔ You're forced to rely on your willpower, so they're not sustainable long term
➔ They're not founded in science
➔ Due to past diet failure and frustration, you're set up for failing again


Metabolic Balance® gets amazing results because: 

➔ It's backed by more than 20 years of research and success
➔ It's a specific, customised eating plan based on your blood test results and individual needs
➔ Personal coaching support is included for lifelong success
➔ It gives you freedom from all the guessing and frustration
➔ You get fast and lasting results for healthy weight, energy and overall vibrancy
➔ It gives you a healthy eating attitude for life


BONUS: Online Coaching Modules

to Enhance Your Results!

A Healthy Mindset

Ditch the Diet Mentality for good and find a healthier approach to food. Having the right mindset is key to success and we work to ensure you are ready for change.

Goal Setting

We take you through a process of setting goals like you’ve never done before. We connect you with your big ‘why’ to make sure you get the results you want.

Self Sabotage

Learn how to recognise self-sabotaging behaviour so you can say sayonara, and have your new healthy lifestyle habits stick!

Emotional Eating

Finally learn how to free yourself from your Emotional Eating patterns so  you can repair your relationship with food, and stop feeding your feelings.

Limiting Beliefs

We show you how to identify and clear limiting beliefs you may have around being healthy and losing weight sustainably. 


Finally figure out the best weight loss for your body, that will help you shift fat and build lean muscle – without slogging it out (in fact, you’ll love it!)

“Diets and deprivation are NOT the path to a healthy, balanced body. Learning what works for you long-term is the key”

Hayley Stathis

Holistic Nutritionist & Metabolic Balance® Coach



Payment plans are available, please ask. Health fund rebates may apply depending on your fund and level of cover.

I can't wait to work with you

and help you transform your body, energy and health! Book Your Free Discovery Call

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